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About Us

Guiding Principles

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Our Mission

Empowering individuals by creating meaningful opportunities in a changing environment


Our Vision

We envision a community full of richness and diversity that surrounds the life of an individual with disabilities.

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Our Core Values


We believe in Community; supporting a sense of belonging, where people live, work, play, have friends and relationships, bonded by similar beliefs, common interest, mutual respect, shared ideas, and similar experiences.

Diversity Among People

We believe in Diversity Among People; striving to preserve and highlight the dignity in being different, whether by ethnicity, religion, family composition, physical or cognitive abilities or historical experiences.


We believe in Partnerships; acknowledging the special skills, talents and trust we have in each other’s competencies. We seek to be supportive of the expressed needs of the individuals and families towards a common cause.

Individual Respect

We believe in Individual Respect; valuing and holding in high regard human life, and we honor the wishes, dreams, ideas, and contributions of all people.


We believe in Creativity; encouraging the use of imagination, by promoting fun in work and play, by taking calculated risks, and by encouraging individuals to invent and try new ways to help others.

Choice & Empowerment

We believe in Choice & Empowerment; encouraging individuals to believe in their ability and to make an informed choice.

Our History

While history is about events over a period of time, the true story of history is about people and how events in time can touch their lives and change. The story of New Horizons is about the stories of many individuals who came together for one cause. It's about the collage of many who became the unique person they were or are because they were touched by the services of New Horizons. 

Below is a timeline with a brief overview of our history. 

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