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Community Living

Community Living provides individualized supports to all clients in the program. Services may be around the clock or on a scheduled basis. Some of our clients have roommates, while others live alone.  In the program, our clients will learn the skills to live as independently, as possible. Learning skills such as budgeting and money management, meal planning and preparation, how to live with others, emergency preparedness, and more.

The focus of Community Living is to assist the individual in living the life they choose and achieving goals they have established for themselves.  Clients served in Community Living have the right to choose what they want for their life. This is done in part with the use of the LifeCourse framework, which helps our clients explore opportunities of interest, being part of the community, making and maintaining friendships & natural supports, self-advocating, and knowing their rights.  Our program supports our clients in making informed choices and in learning the responsibility of choice.  Participation in the community is another essential part of our program.  We value how our clients wish to spend their day.  This may include community employment, hobbies, volunteering, furthering their education, participating in a day service program, recreation, or other leisure activities. We truly care and want to give each client a happy life; the life they dream of.

Services are funded through the Medicaid Waiver and all employees meet state requirements with education and training.  Community Living also provides representative payee services at no cost to our clients.  All Community Living clients will have a team of New Horizons’ employees consisting of a Team Lead, Manager, Service Coordinator and Community Living Director. 

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