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Self Advocates

New Horizons has a chapter of Self Advocates of Indiana and National Self Advocates that started in 1990. The program gives individuals the opportunity to learn to speak up for themselves, to learn about their rights and responsibilities. They learn to not only make decisions but to speak up as to why their decisions are important to them. They also learn to treat others with respect so they will be respected themselves. 

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Self Advocates - History

Self-Advocates of Indiana was established in 1990 by people with developmental disabilities. Self-Advocates of Indiana is the culmination of an effort started in 1989. At that time, the Governor's Council on Disabilities provided a grant to The ARC of Allen County (now Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana) to host three regional training's and a leadership conference.

Self Advocates - Purpose

Self-Advocates of Indiana is a group for learning about rights and responsibilities for all people with disabilities. The group is a place to help people with disabilities understand their rights and encourage self advocates to meet in their communities and speak out to the community.

Self Advocates - Mission

Self-Advocates of Indiana is to learn our rights and to speak out about our rights so that we get the respect we deserve.

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