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Community Employment Services

We are a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provider. We utilized highly trained Employment Consultants that work with each of their clients independently to discover their interest, goals, and motivation to work within their community. Once the client and Employment Consultant find the perfect fit for community employment; they assist with filling out the application, prep or help prepare for the interview, attend training or job orientation, and continue on the job support until the client feels stable and ready to be on their own.

Extended Services is the perfect solution for our clients that may need more long term support. This service is provided through their Medicaid Waiver & allows us to continue to work with our client's in supporting in job retention skills in grooming, co-worker conversations, setting career goals, and helping them work towards meeting them.

For more information about the any of the programs within the Community Employment Services area, click the "Learn More" button below and send us an email with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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We at New Horizons value our clients opinions.  Please take some time to give your honest feedback to help us improve our services going forward.  Thank you. 

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