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Our Disclosures

Corporate Compliance

The Board of Directors along with the Executive Director and Program Directors act in accordance with all ethical standards, governing federal, state, and local laws & regulations. The Executive Director, along with the Program Directors, are responsible for oversight of corporate compliance and are responsible to report concerns or instances of unethical or illegal conduct to the Executive Director. 

The Program Directors understand the importance of ensuring that all employees have a clear understanding of their responsibility to act in accordance with all policies and applicable laws and regulations. New Horizons utilizes outside auditing to ensure finances are maintained in accordance with legal standards and principals. New Horizons programs maintain a high level of integrity and are expected to run in accordance with all governing guidelines. 


Quality Management

New Horizons focuses on quality in every program and service offered. We are committed to the highest standards that guides us in our daily operations. We use surveys from individuals served, families, and vendors, to gather input to identify needs and improve current programs to better meet needs. New Horizons has key performance indicators in all programs to ensure success of the services and to monitor key quality indicators.


All the programs and services of New Horizons are compliant to ISO 9001:2015 as further commitment to quality and success. The agency has a Quality Management System and processes for each program that are reviewed annual and are audited on a monthly schedule. 

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