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Helpful Information

Many times it can be very confusing determining what you need to help yourself or your loved one have the best life possible. There are many government programs and services available to help individuals with disabilities but where do you find all the information to apply for the services. Plus, so much of the information is written in government "speak". We're here to help.

We have assembled a library of helpful information just for individuals with intellectual, physical, & developmental disabilities so that you can easily find the information you need, without searching for hours through different websites, in easy to understand language. If, after reviewing the information below, you still have questions. Feel free to reach out to us by using the "I have questions" button below. 

Document Library

Our Family Enlightenment Packet will provide you with information about the Medicaid Waiver, BDDS, and other information you might find helpful. 

Ready to apply for your Medicaid Waiver benefits? Click the button to the right to go to the website to apply.

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