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Rest Area Attendant

Batesville, IN 47006, USA

Job Location:

Job Type:

Full Time or Part Time

About the Role

The Rest Area Attendant is responsible for providing janitorial maintenance and groundskeeping services at the assigned rest area location to ensure a clean, sanitary, and safe environment for motorists using those facilities.

In addition to the duties above, the attendant:

Completes cleaning duties according to the specifications provided by the Department of Transportation.

Selects appropriate cleaning materials and supplies from the storage room and prepares solutions according to proper dilution rate and procedure.

Maintains cleanliness of all floors using automatic floor machines, high-speed buffer, vacuum cleaner, wet-vac, mops, and brooms as required for stripping, waxing, or cleaning.

Washes windows, walls, woodwork, ceilings, light fixtures, and doors as assigned or required.

Dust and/or washes lobby fixtures as assigned, disinfecting drinking fountain and telephone receiver as directed.

Cleans sanitizes and polishes commodes, lavatories, sink fixtures, toilet partitions, and restroom floors, according to the cleaning schedule.

Cleans and replenishes dispensers and bathroom supplies as needed.

Removes accumulated waste from trash cans and designated areas.

Cleans empty trash cans as needed and lines with a proper replacement bag.

Picks up trash on lawn and parking areas and sweeps curb areas to prevent litter build-up.

Checks and cleans shelter houses as directed. Sweeps cement slab and washes/wipes picnic tables as needed.

Removes ashes from charcoal grills and scrubs grills with a wire brush as needed.

Removes snow and/or ice from sidewalks and main entrance patio as necessary to ensure safety.

Reports mechanical failure of equipment or need to order supplies to supervisor.

Cleans equipment used at end of shift and replenishes supplies for next shift as assigned.

Maintains utility and storage areas in a neat and orderly manner.

Completes necessary forms and reports required of the Department of Transportation and the agency.

Must be willing to assist in the coverage of other attendants' shifts in the event of illness or unforeseeable absences.

This may include having to work a double shift, as the rest area cannot be left unattended.


General ability to read, write and follow oral and written instructions.

Prefer high school education or equivalent.

Contact with motorists requires good communication skills and knowledge of the area to assist out-of-state travelers.

Requires general knowledge of cleaning products and their use.

Ability to work unsupervised while completing assigned tasks.

May be subject to interruptions.

Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds for removal of trash and handling of a mop bucket.

Ability to push and pull up to 50 pounds for the operation of floor cleaning machines and lawn maintenance equipment.

Ability to climb ladders for cleaning of walls, windows, ceiling, light: fixtures, and exhaust vents.

Ability to reach overhead and bend over to perform general cleaning tasks.

Ability to operate cleaning equipment to include wet-vac, floor scrubber/buffer, vacuum, broom, mop, and cleaning carts.

About the Company

New Horizons is a non-profit agency, headquartered in Batesville, IN, dedicated to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities by creating meaningful opportunities in a changing environment. We do this by providing tailored programs and services, coordinated care and resources, and offering engaging opportunities to support and lead our clients to a full and enriching life.

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