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Looking to make a difference?

Your contribution can ensure that individuals with different abilities continue to be a part of our growing communities. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with different abilities by making a donation to New Horizons today.

New Horizons is a non-profit agency, headquartered in Batesville, IN, dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating meaningful opportunities in a changing environment.  We do this by providing tailored programs & services, coordinated care & resources, and offering engaging opportunities to support and lead our clients to a full and enriching life.

New Horizons wouldn't be where it is today without a community of people. We're about the clients we serve, our amazing employees, and the people who support us by volunteering their time and donating their money. 

Who are our clients? Our clients range from children through adulthood. They're amazing individuals who want to be loved and cared for just like you. Many of our younger clients go to school, whether that be in person, online or homeschooled. Other clients are at the point in their lives where they are ready to venture out on their own. When this time comes, we can help by providing appropriate support in the client's own home or apartment. Our client’s love being with their friends, visiting the coffee shop, walking trails, learning new things, and having fun. Our clients are just like everyone else, but they sometimes just need a little help. When the time comes and you or your loved one needs assistance, we’re here to help.

Who are our employees? Our employees are the most dedicated and caring group of people. They are highly trained and ready to make a difference. Their care and dedication to our clients is second to none. They work hard knowing that making a difference in a client's life is a wonderful reward and in turn, we hope to make their life rewarding as well.

Explore our website to learn about how you can become part of New Horizons. We are always looking for smiling faces. 

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